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Logitech MX Master

Logitech MX Master
Brand: Logitech
Category: Mice
  • Type: Wireless mouse
  • Orientation: Right-handed
  • Movement Detection Technology: Darkfield Laser
  • DPI: 1600 dpi
  • Compatibility: PC, laptop
  • Color: Black, Navy, Stone

Our Rating

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Price 8 / 10

To attract your attention right away, let us tell you what this beauty really is. We would call it a luxury mouse for both Mac and Windows, using some new and improved technologies. The best part – no cable! It’s completely wireless and rechargeable, with its Lithium-Polymer battery being reliable for years, hopefully. Once charged, it will last you about 40 days, but you can still charge it while it’s in use. Just connect a micro USB cable provided in the package. There are more things about this one, and we’ll delve into them right away. So let’s see what the specs of Logitech MX Master have to say:

First things first, this one was designed for right-hand dominant people. We know that’s not fair, but left-hand dominant people are a minority, so if you’re a leftie… maybe check Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse. There, we settled the matter. So for a price of 70 dollars, you understand this is no ordinary mouse, and it shouldn’t be. It is a high-end mouse, designed to have additional stuff. You can get it in multiple colors, Black, Stone, Navy, and we liked the Stone one, reminded us of elephant’s tusks. Buttons on the side have their own story when it comes to features of Logitech MX Master:

You have 5 buttons, and three of them are just above your thumb when in use. That means you can program them to do actions you require them to do. You can easily shift your thumb, it’s all packed right there, and it just might give you an advantage. A good use for them would be in multiplayer games where you’d have to use different buttons for different spells. Speaking of gaming, Logitech MX Master will bring you all the precision you need.

You can manually change the sensitivity, and it ranges from 400 – 1600 dpi (dots per inch). You’ll shine brightly in shooter games where you need fast and precise movement. Another thing that’ll certainly help – laser technology Logitech MX Master uses. It’s called Logitech Darkfield Laser, and it will allow you to use it on virtually any surface you come across. When you went for a wireless mouse, you expected good connectivity and versatility. And oh boy, Logitech MX Master certainly delivered. You have a choice, either plug the Unifying Receiver in your USB port or use a Bluetooth connection. Unifying Receiver got that name because you can use it for Logitech keyboards as well, therefore unifying your accessories.

So, in case you decide to use a Bluetooth connection, that versatility we talked about comes out. See, Bluetooth Smart technology on Logitech MX Master allows you to connect up to three additional devices. That means you can easily switch between, for example, a PC  and a laptop with Logitech Easy-Switch button. The best part besides programming the buttons in Logitech Options is the scroll wheel in the middle. It will let you auto-shift between click-to-click type and hyper-fast scrolling. The latter will come useful when you need to scroll down fast. All in all, it’s a bit expensive, but can be a great addition if you’re a gamer that doesn’t like to get tangled with cables.



Announced Date March, 2015
Release Date April, 2015


Dimensions 1.9 in x 3.4 in x 5 in
Weight 5.11 oz
Colors Black, Stone, Navy

General Mouse Details

Connectivity Technology Wireless
Interface 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth
Wireless Receiver USB
Max Operating Distance Up to 33 ft
Button Qty 5
DPI 400 - 1600 dpi
Orientation Right-handed


Cable Type No cable


Technology Used Li-Polymer
Capacity 40 days
Fast Charging


OS Required Every OS is supported
Hardware Requirements USB port
Compatibility PC, Laptop



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  • Design 10 / 10
  • Features 10 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Price 8 / 10
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  1. Norman Wincenty


    I got them for online gaming

    I just bought Logitech MX master to play some multiplayer games. Yes, I know there's an MX 2 version, but this one caught my eyes. Other than that, the price is a bit higher than a normal mouse but really affordable for this type. It's wireless plus it has buttons on the side that you can program. For players of MMORPG games, this is a blessing. If you're one of those, go for this one.

    • Design
      10 / 10
    • Features
      10 / 10
    • Performance
      10 / 10
    • Price
      8 / 10
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